Forest Morning Mist

Even in late Summer, there can be a light mist covering the ground in the early morning. The low rays of the emerging sun turn the forest and the grasses shades of brown and orange as the mist softens the harsh dawn rays.

Mount Assiniboine

Mount Assiniboine is the Matterhorn of the Rockies and sits in a beautiful valley with four azure Lakes. Near the mountain are small cabins and an old lodge that can be rented for easy access by helicopter. For the more stalwart of hikers, their are two long access trails from Bryant Creek in Alberta and […]

Lake Louise Summer

Lake Louise is one of the most beautiful and accessible features in Banff National Park. It is also the centre of a number of other magnificent places in the Rockies: just 18 km from Moraine Lake, the Valley of the Ten Peaks, the Larch Valley, Paradise Valley, Consolation Lakes and Mount Quadra, the Saddleback and […]

Wild Pacific

This painting of the wild Pacific shows a 5 metre swell at near high tide crashing into the rocky shoreline northwest of Ucluelet. This is exactly what I had envisioned from the first time I started painting scenes of the ocean on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Estuary Afterglow

The Englishman River Estuary is a wonderful place to watch the sun go down on a Summer evening. From the East side of the river you can look across the estuary towards the West with a view of the Island mountains. As the sun sets, the colours in the sky change fairly rapidly from daylight […]

Estuary Sunset

The Englishman River Estuary is a lovely place to walk and observe nature. Bird watching groups wander the paths along the river estuary and there are two observation platforms where the river empties into Georgia Strait. Sunset is not a great birding time but it is lovely to watch the changing colours as the sun […]

Juan de Fuca Dawn

Just before the sun rises, it illuminates the undersides of the clouds with a myriad of colours. Every morning is different and the colours in the sky range from yellow through oranges and reds to the deep purple of the thick clouds above.