Red Delight

There are a large number of varieties of roses in the garden and many of them are red roses. They evoke memories of ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Summer Blush

I am lucky to live within walking distance of the Lieutenant-Governors residence and its beautiful grounds. Blooming Rhododendrons are everywhere beginning in March, but, for me, the Rose garden is what attracts me (two rose gardens in fact). In the evening, the lighting highlights the roses against the dark shadows from the surrounding trees. Although […]

Summer Clouds – Dallas Road

The trails between Dallas Road and the cliffs marking the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island feature magnificent views of Juan de Fuca strait, the Sooke area west of the city and the Olympic Peninsula across the strait.

The Rail Fence

The parkland along Dallas Road is separated from the steep cliffs above the beach by a rail fence. A summer evening is a lovely time to walk along the trails near the fence. Actually, anytime is suitable for walking along by the rail fence.

Silver Lining

Looking east from Oak Bay in the early morning an hour after the sun has cleared the horizon, the sunshine is almost blinding and bleaches the landscape producing sparkles of reflected sunlight on the water.


The view across Juan de Fuca strait towards the Olympic Peninsula is often shrouded in fog or low cloud. Sometimes the shoreline is obscured and the colour of the water and cloud is so similar it is difficult to tell exactly where the horizon is.

Marina Dawn

Every dawn at the Oak Bay Marina is different. On this summer morning, the pink glow on the clouds was reflected in the clam waters of the cove.