The view across Juan de Fuca strait towards the Olympic Peninsula is often shrouded in fog or low cloud. Sometimes the shoreline is obscured and the colour of the water and cloud is so similar it is difficult to tell exactly where the horizon is.

Marina Dawn

Every dawn at the Oak Bay Marina is different. On this summer morning, the pink glow on the clouds was reflected in the clam waters of the cove.

Calm Afternoon

The view east from the shore at the Oak Bay Marina shows the calm water of a summer afternoon and distant clouds across the Salish Sea.

Late Evening

in the late evening, Willows Beach is in shadow and the warm rays of the sun highlight the Uplands Park Shoreline at Cattle Point.

Saxe Point

The view from Macauley Point over to Saxe Point Park shows the amber light of late evening sunshine back-lighting the park.

Coastal Evening

The waves break constantly on the rocky shoreline of the west coast of Vancouver Island near Ucluelet. The Wild Pacific Trail provides some terrific views of the coastline and lovely evening lighting as the sun slowly sets.

White Sails

The Salish Sea is the playground for sailboats in the Spring and summer. It still wears a full white mantle in the Spring that matches the white sails below.