Mount Baker Before Dawn

Mount Baker viewed from Vancouver Island is a distant white pyramid year round and, during the day, presents many different moods and colours. Before Dawn the mountain appears as a ghostly dull orange pyramid against the brightening sky.

Beacon Hill Dawn

The slopes of Beacon Hill Park are mostly covered in grass as the hill slopes down toward the water. The early sun on a morning in September filters through a small copse of trees near the top of Beacon Hill catching the grass in amber light.


The lone sailboat catches a fresh westerly wind down Juan de Fuca strait as the whips up whitecaps across the water. A low fog embraces the shoreline below the Olympic Mountains across the strait.

Bright Morning

Early in the morning above the cliffs along Dallas Road, the sun glints off the water. The cliffs are mostly in the shade because of the low sun angle and the water is almost still as the summer sun catches the flowers, grasses and bushes along the edges of the cliffs.

Dallas Road Autumn

Dallas Road runs along the top of the cliffs above the shoreline of Juan de Fuca Strait in the city of Victoria. It is the most popular spot in Victoria for walkers of all ages. There is an off leash area for dog walkers and it is very popular especially on weekends.

Peyto Lake

Peyto Lake is a glacier fed lake north of Lake Louise on the Icefields Parkway. There is a wooden lookout uphill from the parking lot that is full of bus loads of tourists in the Summer. However, if you continue uphill on a rough trail you will eventually reach the Bow Valley Summit which provides […]