Foggy Isle

On the west coast of Vancouver Island, the month of August brings fog to the beaches and coastline in the mornings before burning off to brilliant sunshine in the afternoons.

Silver Sea

The angle of the morning sun can transform the appearance of the waters of Georgia Strait, glinting off the ripples of a gentle swell.   Fog obscures the view of the shore and mountains of the mainland of the province.

Autumn Fir

Nanaimo has a number of well used natural areas and Neck Point Park is a popular place for walking in the northwest of the city.   Trails cut through copses of fir trees and meander down to several rocky coves and beaches.    There are lots of viewpoints in the park looking North and West across […]

Autumn Clouds

After a normal dry Summer on the west coast, Autumn brings cooler cloudy weather.   The trees reflect this change with their leaves turning colour and dropping.

Summer Clouds – Dallas Road

The trails between Dallas Road and the cliffs marking the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island feature magnificent views of Juan de Fuca strait, the Sooke area west of the city and the Olympic Peninsula across the strait.

The Rail Fence

The parkland along Dallas Road is separated from the steep cliffs above the beach by a rail fence. A summer evening is a lovely time to walk along the trails near the fence. Actually, anytime is suitable for walking along by the rail fence.

Silver Lining

Looking east from Oak Bay in the early morning an hour after the sun has cleared the horizon, the sunshine is almost blinding and bleaches the landscape producing sparkles of reflected sunlight on the water.