How long?

Without doubt, the question I get asked most is: “how long did that painting take?” or “how many hours a day do you paint?”

Every painting is different. On average 7-10 days is needed to complete a piece, but I never have just one on the go. I usually have at least three in various stages.

In my younger days I would be at the easel by 6am but now I usually start working by 8:30am (for the first time in 30 years, I’ve recently been going to a studio outside of our house). I will work until about 12:30pm. By then my back and neck are tight and painful. I head home for a break and lunch and then am back at it for another three or four hours. I average six hours a day of painting.

There is much more to being an artist than just painting. I do all my own shipping, including making the boxes, go to the framers at least once a week and keep in touch with galleries.

A successful artist is intrinsically driven, self-disciplined and has good time-management skills. I like to think that after 30 years I have those qualities nailed down.

I plan on doing this for at least another 20 years. The best part of being an artist is no one can force you to retire!

Thanks for all the great questions. I enjoy reading the messages I receive.