Another great question I’m often asked is: “Why did you stop painting wildife – you were so successful with it?”

First, I am never motivated by money. It has never been a driving force in my life.

I painted wildlife for more than 20 years and loved it. Our move to the Kootenay region of British Columbia after living all our lives in the urban setting of Vancouver had a profound impact on my career. I was very inspired by the incredible beauty and abundant wildlife of the area and spent many weeks hiking, photographing and observing animals and birds in their natural habitat.

I never expected to have the success I did. A chance viewing of my work at a Wildlife Art festival in Ontario led to a contract and relationship with the most successful limited edition publishers at the time, Mill Pond Press. As a result of their support and promotion I was able to devote myself full-time to art.

The ideas flowed for years but I always need a challenge and after so many years I felt I painted wolves, eagles and the like in every way possible. It was time to take a chance and do something completely different.

After almost 10 years of painting what I call essentialism I am again heading in a new direction. Just as I have never hiked the same trail more than once, I like to look at my art as a journey where I am always going forward and taking a new path.

I think this will be my last style. I am brimming with ideas and inspiration but I can never say never.